Monday, June 25, 2012

Mall Fun Weekend!

                                           We had a very fun low key weekend! 

This was Lucas at about 6:00 Friday eveing, his schedule was so trown off last week he always wanted to nap at 5 and 6. So hard. But he woke up to go to a cookout with some family. We stayed and watched half of the baseball game, it was a good time!

Saturday I got up early (as always) and did some cleaning and orgaizing. Once the boys got up we were trying to come up with something to do for the afternoon and the mall seemed like a good option since it's way to hot here to be outside.

So we went to the mall and had lunch at El Chico, Lucas loves cheese dip right now so he had fun.
Then we went to Dillards and he found some shirts, he is growing up so fast and he is really starting to show me things he likes, I just love it so much! Then we went down to the play area and Brent and I tag teamed, he'd stay with Luke while I went to a store and then I stayed while he went to a store.  It worked beautifuly! Then we got cookies and decided on a hair cut! Luke's hair has been in his eyes and it was just driving him crazy not to mention all the sweat.
This was his 3rd hair cut and I still get sad every time! I just love his blond baby hair.

After the hair cut we left the mall and went to Petco! Lucas wanted to see the fish and the mouses. ha! But it was adoption day and we got to see dogs and cats too.

He thought Chloe would like this bone! ha!

After Petco we headed home and Luke got to go over to Pawpa's to stay the night. He loves getting to do that!
And we got an impromtu date night!

Ready to go to Pawpa's!

We droped Luke off and went to wally world to rent movies and get stuff to make grilled chicken salad.

Sunday I got up and went to get Luke and breakfast!
We didn't do much all day, did some things around the house and played and watched t.v.
For dinner we met Aunt Kristin and Uncle Jay and Waylon and Nana and Pawpa at Western Sizzlen to eat for a late fathers day dinner.
A nice slow relaxing weekend. They don't happen often enough!

And my little brown baby has to have his surgery tomorrow. Poor guy so the rest of the week I will be getting him back up and running.

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