Thursday, June 9, 2011

Another Year Older.....

I had the very best birthday yesterday! At work we always do 'birthday parties' for each other and I honestly look forward to that every year! It consists of a lot of food, my favorite!

Cookie Cake at work.

All the goodies!

My sweet friend Jessica got me this Brighton charm with bracelet! It's Lucas' birthstone, I love it so much and cannot wait to add more charms and beads to it! So cute and fun!

Last night we went to Joe's Cantina for my family birthday dinner. I am so thankful to have family who likes to celebrate with me! We had such a fun dinner!

Lucas provided the entertainment for dinner as always!

Lucas thinks any cake with a candle lit, he gets to blow it out! ha!

Brent and I at dinner.

The picture at the very top, me in the birthday hat, Mema C. brings that to every one's birthday and we always have to take a picture with it on! The men folk in the family will request NOT to go out to dinner just so they don't have to wear the birthday hat in public! So funny!

I got a lot of other nice gifts yesterday too, I am so lucky to be turning 24 and still get such great gifts! My brother even got me a gift card to my favorite palace, Hob Lob of course!

AND I cannot forget about all my sweet text messages, phone calls, and facebook posts! I have such good friends and family!

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Jessica S. said...

YAY!!! BIRTHDAY'S ARE THE BEST!!! =D i'm so glad you had a good one! Looking forward to building our bracelets together! yippeee!!!!