Tuesday, June 7, 2011

What's happenin at my house......

  • Brent is doing well at his new/old job. He seems to like it and hasn't had to stay the night out of town any yet, knock on wood!! He has had some super early mornings, like 4:30 am early, that we've all had to get used to so we are all pretty tired most days but we are getting in the grove!

  • Lucas has been pee peeing in the potty a lot these past few days! I got him the little potty they use at school and that seems to have done the trick! He doesn't fuss to go and he doesn't sit there and play he actually uses it every time we put him on it! I cannot believe I have a potty trainer!!!

  • My job at the bank is going good, nothing good to report but nothing bad either, just how I like it! Calm and steady, ha!

  • I am still working in the Nursery at Church on Wednesday evenings and will continue though June. I love getting to go there every week to see the kids and I love the ladies there too!

  • I had my very first meeting last night as a GracePlace board member! I love having this opportunity to get involved in Lucas' school. It was so interesting last night, I will be serving at least 3 years!

  • I am seeing the light at the end of the tunnel on our finances!! I am so happy about this, what a weight to be lifted to not have to worry to much about money. We definitely live within our means but there were some really rough months this past year and I am glad we are putting that behind us and will get to do more fun things as a family.

  • We are considering getting Lucas a "real" big boy bed in the next week or two, a twin size. His room is going to look so different and he is growing up to fast :(

  • I have had in the past two weeks countless people ask me when are we going to have another baby?! I guess when kids hit 2 you should start working on #2? I don't know? But we are waiting until Lucas is at least 3 to even start to think about another. Yes I want more kids, yes I want them to be close, but I want some time with Lucas before I go rocking his world. My next 2 will be much closer in age (I think) so I want to spend some years it just being us 3, a small, easy family, ha! And I would love for Lucas to be out of daycare, I would like to have all our debt gone, I would like to have a chunky savings account, and I would like for our house to be mostly paid for. So these things are going to take us a few more years and I am fine with that! So there ya go! I'm considering getting this printing on a shirt :)

  • Brent has been dropping a few tiny hints about getting another dog, O man! I have my preferences of course! I would love another little Chloe or even another Cocker but I would really like a Caviler King Charles, I doubt Brent would go for that! Ha! Puppy talk makes me giddy :)

  • I am loving the Nesters new site/blog it is so neat and beyond informative!

  • This weekend I am having a yard sale! Yay! I just hope I don't roast in the near 100 degree heat!!!

    Have a good rest of the week!!

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Jessica S. said...

awesome! and you know i can get you a cavlier king charles for a decent price! ;) haha