Monday, June 27, 2011

Pool Party Weekend!

We had a fun weekend even though Brent was only there for part of it :( but that's just how things are right now.

Friday evening I took Lucas over to stay with my uncle David, Genia, and my mom at Genia's house. Her hydrangeas are beautiful! Even if they are a little sun burnt they were picture worthy, I hope mine grow to be this big!

Lucas had a great time and I went to the mall for some 'Me' time complete with a pedicure and some shopping I have not been to the mall by myself for myself in a very long time! It was fun just shopping and not 'be-ing'
a mommy for an hour.

Sent this pic to Brent and he said ' I need one of those foot things too' Ha! I laughed out loud! But yes he does, he defiantly deserves one!

Saturday Lucas, mom, and I went to lunch and then to Wal-Mart to get Lucas a little pool! He was so excited, I also got him some popsicles, the flavor ice ones, I think. Let me tell you what eating one of those brings back memories! Yummm I don't think another summer will go by without those in my freezer untill all my babies graduate highschool!

Ethan came over for a quick dip Saturday and came back Sunday for a while too! These two have so much fun together!

Cute toes! I NEVER get any color on my toenails, usually just get french but decided I would this time and I love it! So fun in the summer, I'm even loving the color at work!

The boy's eating lunch on Sunday. They both ate so good after 'swimming'

Brent got home Saturday night and we spent Sunday just lounging around the house! It was so nice to have a relaxing weekend and not do much!

Wednesday is my last nursery night at church and Thursday is my Thirty-One party and after that I am done for the summer!! Only thing I'm planning is to be at work everyday, nothing else! And I especially can't wait for my week off work in August! I love spending my days with Lucas even if they are roller coaster rides ;)

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Jessica S. said...

Great post and pictures!! LOVE YOUR TOES and those pics of Lucas! What a cutie