Monday, June 13, 2011

Yard Sale Weekend!

We have been thinking about getting a new 4 legged addition to our family for about a week now. We have decided on a Caviler King Charles Spaniel, they are very similar to a Cocker but don't as big and said to be much better with kids. I found this little guy online last week and it took everything I have not to just buy him right over the phone! But they do cost a little bit more than a cocker so we are waiting a few weeks to really think it though. But isn't he the cutest! I could just eat him up with a spoon!

Saturday was Yard Sale Day! We had a great turn out and was only selling until 2pm because of rain but I did very well and only had a few boxes of stuff leftover to donate :) I was so happy!

Sunday Ethan came over to play while his mommy and daddy moved their stuff to the new house! The boys had so much fun!

Blowing bubbles.

Then they talked me into giving them cakeballs :)

They played and ran around the house the whole time, I think they both had a blast!

Last night Brent's parents came over and we grilled hamburgers and chicken and Brent made homemade french fries. Honestly to me this is the only good thing about summer. Ha!

Chloe always waiting for a something to drop!

I was watching t.v. in the bedroom last night and I look over and see this:

Lucas was "hiddin" in the corner between the dresser and nightstand with a ton of pillows and a big red bag! I guess he made himself a little fort! Gosh he growing up SO fast!

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