Thursday, May 26, 2011

Just Breathe....

I've been thinking this morning of how much we have going on in the next 5 weeks! And I am starting to get that sick feeling in my stomach of being overwhelmed. I am going to jot down what all we have going on so I can remember, seems like if I type/write something just once I won't forget! And I am keeping of record of all our busy days in this season so here goes...

  • Tonight I have a "Spa Party" at my friend Elizabeth's house, I am pretty excited about this but I am stressing about my mom not making it to my house in time to watch Luke :/ So when I make it there I am going to RELAX because it will be last chance for a while! Kristin is picking me up (and I am trying to talk Kelli into going too :)) and we are going to have a night of girly-ness! Yay!

  • Tomorrow I have "Date Night" at the Nursery, once a month we watch and eat pizza with the kiddos so the parents can go do something fun, I'm really excited about this too! Love working in the Nursery.

  • Saturday we possibly will be at the racetrack, that is still up in the air.

  • Sunday morning I will be in the Nursery again.

  • Monday is deep cleaning day at my house for the baby shower I have coming up.

  • Wednesday (June 1st) evening it's back to the nursery for me :)

  • Thursday (June 2nd) Brent has a bachelor party.

  • Friday (June 3rd) I am taking the day off work to get all the loose ends tied for the baby shower and Friday evening we have a wedding for one of Brent's high school buddies.

  • Saturday (June 4th) morning is Desiree and Eviee's shower! Saturday after noon is Jessica's jewelry party. After leaving Jessica's Luke and I have to be on the road to meet Brent at the race track.

  • Sunday (June 5th) we will be racing all day.

  • Wednesday (June 8th) is My Birthday!! And Nursery night :)

  • Saturday (June 11th) is my yard sale.

  • Wednesday (June 15th) Nursery night :)

  • Saturday (June 18th) is Desiree's other shower.

  • Wednesday (June 22nd) is Nursery Night :)

  • Friday (June 24th) is "Date Night" in the Nursery.

  • Wednesday (June 29th) is the last night for Nursery for the summer!

  • Thursday (June 30th) is my Thirty One Party!

And with it being my Birthday month I am guaranteed at least one "out to dinner" with family! O and I almost forgot but every Monday we have "Family Night" with Brent's side at Western Sizzlin!

And in with all that we are trying to get adjusted to our new "schedule" with Brent's change of jobs and I am trying to reconfigure (and not stressout about) our finances! omygosh!

Wow that looks insane down on paper! I am so happy to have a full life but honestly I will be glad when this month is over! I am seriously considering taking the month of July "off" from events and just enjoy being home because I am truly a home body at heart ;)

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Jessica S. said...

WOWOWOWOWOWOW that makes me tired just looking at it! I just THOUGHT i was busy!!! =)