Monday, May 9, 2011

Mommy's Day Weekend!

I had a wonderful Mother's Day Weekend. Lucas and Brent got me a plant and sweet card and Brent did some of my "chores" for me! I was so happy! I feel so SO blessed to be able to be a mom!

Saturday I had to get up bright and early to take Chip and Chloe to the vet. They did really good! And checked out healthy! Chloe was my first "baby" and I love her dearly! She has been with me though so much! She is 6 years old now and I can hardly believe that! Time goes by so fast.

Then Saturday afternoon we had Ethan's 2nd Birthday Party, Ethan's hair was long and he got his big boy hair cut, I was so sad. Ha! Lucas and Ethan have been friends from birth and I hope they will always be a part of each other's lives.

Micah, Ethan, and Luke. (Micah trying to escape!)

See the knot on his head?! He ran into a chair Friday night then hit it again in the same spot at the party Saturday. It looks so bad! We really need to get him a helmet!!

Saturday evening we spent some time with my mom (Luke calls her Mema). We went to Sam's and Hobby Lobby and got dinner at Chic-fil-a. Mom and I went to the cemetery and put some flowers down for Mema. We did pink roses, they were her favorite. I miss her most on days like these. Today is my mom's birthday and I know it's going to be a tough one.

In honor of Mother's Day and Mom's Birthday we had some family over last night for dinner.

I make the cake! Ha! Doesn't it look artistic? Mom loved it and it tasted very good even if it did look a little...umm different.

Mema C. brought me a Mother's Day gift, shoes of course! Ha, I just love her.

How did she know I've been wanting some of these.

Love em!

And believe it or not my little Wally World hydrangea bush produced this! I am really getting into this flower/gardening thing. So pretty. I love having fresh flowers with out having to go buy them.

And one more sweet Mother's Day picture.

Hoping all you mommies had a wonderful weekend!

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Jessica S. said...

GREAT post!!! LOVE all the pictures! Sounds like you had a wonderful mother's day! =)