Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Luke's First Haircut Weekend!

We had a wonderful low key weekend, I was truly in heaven!

I got to spent the whole weekend with my boys. We are trying to soak up as much time as possible together in the next 2 weekends!

Friday we did an impromptu cookout with Brent's parents and my mom. We said it was for Friday the 13th, Ha! Brent grilled steak and chicken, Brent's dad made hash brown casserole and broccoli and rice casserole (he's really perfected these) and I made some Tastefully Simple Beer Bread and brownies. Yummy, fattening stuff! We had a blast!

Saturday Brent we finally came to the conclusion that it was time..... for Luke to get a haircut.

We were sad but with summer coming up it was needed.

We went to the mall and stopped at Candy Craze first, Lucas loved that he was so so excited about candy being everywhere.

Lucas and daddy walking down to the hair cuttin place.

Lucas in the chair, he did so good! He didn't make a peep! He just ate his "gummies" and was happy. So proud to have such a good kid, at times ;)

After the haircut we went to a few shops, I was trying to find him some flip flops. We went in to Crazy 8 and "Gabba" was on the t.v. so we had to stay awhile.

We didn't find any flip flops so we went to Old Timers Day for a while, it was so nice outside and we had fun just walking and looking at all the stuff.

We had to be back in town at 5 for Lucas to get some pictures taken, courtesy of a fund raiser going on a mom's work. We went to Old Navy before and found some flip flops, he got 2 pairs and I hope he likes them, he wore them to school today.

New haircut, new shoes, and new shirt! Doesn't get better than that!

Another picture from Saturday.

Caught Lucas doing this Saturday night, funny thing is I used to do the same thing ;) He really is my child! Ha!

Sunday we hung around the house did some chores and yard work. It was so nice outside again I got to have my windows open all day! That makes me so happy, it's the little things!

New hydrangea bush! So far she has 3 flowers! And I am loving the lavendar blooms.

Snapped this one of Chloe and intagram-ed it. I thought it was pretty cute.

Lucas took a long nap while I cleaned and Brent worked on his race car.

Lucas and daddy playing.

One more picture of the new haircut. It's taken some time but I think we are used to it. He seems to really like it not being in his face all the time.

Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

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Jessica S. said...

What good pictures!! & I love his little haircut! =)