Thursday, May 12, 2011

A Day in the Life.....

I have been wanting to post this for a couple of months now but something better always comes along :)
I defiantly want to remember this season of my life because things inevitably change so I am posting today!

A day in the life on a typical Wednesday with Katie...

I set my alarm for 6 but I don't pry myself out of bed until 6:15. (and that is a good day!)
I head to the kitchen to make Luke's lunch, get his breakfast ready (fruit loops) and feed Chip and Chloe.
I head back to the bedroom turn on my straightener and put my phone on the charger. Wash my face, brush my teeth, all that good stuff. Fix my hair and get dressed.
Next comes the fun part, time to wake Lucas up! I always say "Lucas time to get up" and that is Brent's cue to start the waking up process. Lucas always ends up in our bed during the night. He always tickles and plays around with Lucas to get him up, that way he wakes up in good mood! Lucas is such a night owl (like his daddy) and won't go down until 10 pm! I hate it but it's just the way it is so getting him him up at 7:15 is never fun! He'd sleep until 9 everyday if he could.

Once Luke is up I get him dressed. and turn on his cartoons (sponge bob). I let the cat and dog out to go potty (this is a new thing, Chip has been baned to the house due to our terrible neighbor that we think took Callie so he can only go outside when supervised), Chip escapes from the back yard! Ugh, I yell for him and look around the house and don't see him or hear his jingles, I go out the front door and yell and here he comes from up the street (near the bad neighbor) I get everyone inside and we are ready to go! Luke and I go tell Daddy bye and head out the door at 8:05. Yay we are on time!

I get Luke to school at 8:15, we head to the class room and I drop him off.
I head to work and get there at 8:25ish.
I do lots a boring work stuff that I can't talk about on here :)
Lunch time I go to Papa's and get some pizza they were giving away free salads today! Score!
I do more work stuff and close up shop at 3:30. This is why I love my job!
I call and chat with Brent on my way to pick Lucas up, he is never really happy to see me I always come at snack time. I talk to his teacher a little bit and we head home.

On Wednesday nights I help out in the church nursery so we have from about 4:00 to 6:00 to relax and get all the things I need to do done!
Lucas plays cars while I work a little bit on a baby shower gift, prepare a casserole for dinner. I change Luke's clothes (diaper explosion) and we head out the door again at 6:00!

I'm loving getting to work in a nursery!
We go in chat a little with the girls, get Luke settled in the class next door, and I head to my class.We had no babies last night, zero. I was so sad! I always look forward to seeing them all.
After church we head home again. It's 7:45.

Brent has the casserole in the oven, I make some corn to go with it.
We eat dinner and chat about the day. Lucas eats corn and Cheetos. Toddlers.
After dinner Brent puts Lucas in the bathtub and I load the dish washer and clean the kitchen.
I put Chloe in the back yard for a little bit and Chip in the garage with his new kitty box since he obviously can't be trusted in the back yard. Get some laundry started. Show Brent my latest project.

At 9:00 I turn on "Bobby" King of the Hill for Lucas in my room and he drinks his milk while I take my shower. I get my PJ's on, Lucas and Daddy play for a bit.I let the dog and cat back in the house. Lucas starts throwing his evening fit that he does so randomly, we think he is just overly tired (I mean it is 10:00!) He gets really mad at daddy ( we still don't know what that was about)so he lays with me for a little bit and watches t.v. while I catch up on facebook and a few blogs. He decides he's not mad at daddy anymore and goes in the living room to be rocked. Lucas is out by 10:30 and is put in his bed.
Phew what a night! Brent and I watch Nightline together and this is when I go to sleep. I think he stays up watching t.v. for a while.

And there ya go! Nothing exciting but I love it so much!

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Jessica S. said...

i love it too! life is good!