Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Weekend Recap!

Friday Brent and I had planned to go on a "date", we just wanted to go eat without the distraction of a certain 2 year old, ha! So Lucas went to stay with Mema for a few hours, while we went to Panera Bread for a relaxing dinner, ha! Never the case with us! When we got to Mema's house it looked like it could rain any second by the time we got Luke settled and wanted to leave it was raining buckets! Brent insisted we leave right then and not wait it out. We ran to the car and we were soaked! On the way to Panera it started hailing! But by the time we got there it was just sprinkling big drops so we went in and had a good dinner. We also shopped around some before we picked Luke up. Lucas had a blast (as always) and was sent home with a bag of gummy bears, his favorite!

Friday after school, he runs around chasing Chip saying "hold jew" with his arms out! It's about the funniest thing ever! I guess Chip finally gave up. Ha!

Saturday I worked in the garage organizing and getting all my junk ready for my yard sale coming up! Brent and Lucas put in a gas line to our grill so we never have to buy propane again! Yay! I LOVE a handy husband :)
Saturday evening Kelli (Brent's cousin) and I went and had dinner at Cheddars, while Lucas stayed with daddy, papa, and nana. Dinner was yummy and I really enjoy Kelli's company, she is so down to earth and so sweet. After dinner we decided to go to Books a Million for a looks-see and of course I found a few things one of them being "The Original Mother Goose" I had this book at my Mema S's as a kid (I'm pretty positive it's still around) so I wanted to get one for Lucas to have. I love old nursery rhymes and songs and Brent doesn't know any of them so I thought this was good for the whole family.

When I got home Saturday evening the boys were wanting ice cream so at 9:00 we all headed downtown to a new ice cream place in Greenwood called Dog Pound Ice Cream Parlor, not the best name in my opinion but the high school mascot is bull dogs and every thing in Greenwood is high school football so I suppose it fits. Lucas kept calling it the dog house, ha!
The ice cream was good, I had "cappuccino" and Brent had "garbage can" (who comes up with these names?) which is vanilla with a bunch of different broke up candy bars, Lucas had the "superman" that is still in my freezer!

Sunday we didn't do much at all. We had pizza for lunch and I worked on some stuff around the house while Brent got everything rounded up for his first day back at Parker. Lucas napped.

I took off work on Monday so I could see Brent off to work and to spend the morning at the Monkey House with Lucas' class. It was so fun to watch them, they loved it!

Lucas and Emily

This little girl saw me taking Luke's picture and insisted I take one of her too.
So cute!

Lucas and his whole class, minus Ms. Robyn who he missed and asked me about at least once.

Lucas after the Monkey House, notice the cars :)

Brent said he had a good first day back and he seemed pretty content, I'm just praying all goes as planned.

We are supposed to be getting more bad storms tonight so I will be huddled with all my babies in the bathtub!


Jessica S. said...

HA! that last picture CRACKS ME UP! how cute

Jessica S. said...

great post! we have a gas line for our grill too! beats buying propane!