Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Random Phone Pics!

Have I said how much I LOVE my iPhone lately!? Well I do! I love having a phone that takes an OK picture when I need it because I have never been one to carry a camera around and with a funny 2 year old I am always needing to take a picture of something and I am so glad I'm not missing anything! Not to mention Instagram! I am so hooked! As you can tell, ha!
Even have Brent talked into getting an iPhone, now that's something! Ha!

Last night Brent walked into Luke's room and told me to come here and this is what I saw.
All his cars (that he could find) were lined up in his book case, looked like a used car lot or Papaw's house ;)

Another thing that I have discovered! These cups, I've been seeing them everywhere for a while now and just didn't want to shell out the extra money. I usually can't use the same cup twice without putting it in the dishwasher ( I'm kinda a weirdo about it) but when I went to Wally World last week I spotted them and they were pretty cheap so I snagged myself one and one for Jessica so she won't have to use her old styrofoam cup at work anymore, and I will say I love it! Yesterday I drank twice the amount of water I usually do because I could just fill it up instead of taking a ton of bottles with me! So this morning I filled it with sweet tea instead of being tempted to stop for some! So much cheaper and easier!
Why didn't I think of these?! :)

Last week Nester was talking about map art, you know when you get an old (or new I suppose) map and wrap it around a canvas? Well I got to thinking I could do that but I'm not into maps so I thought I would get a poster size picture printed out and wrap that around a canvas! So I did and here is the out come!

I love it! The only thing I will try to change next time is the luster of the print I'd rather it not be so shiny but honestly the shine shows up way more in the pictures it really doesn't look this shiny in real life.

A top of my newly filled hutch!

I think the hutch is DONE! For this season any way. Yay!

This is how Lucas fell asleep last night, so sweet!

Hopefully you noticed the sucker in his hand!

Had to get another. This Instagram is so neat-o!

Sleeping toddlers are the best ;)

Happy Wednesday!

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Jessica S. said...

i LOVEEEEE my cup! you are the best for getting one for me! and that picture?! OH MY WORD!!! It could not have turned out better!!! wow!
great post, love all the pics and LOVE instagram!