Monday, May 16, 2011

Tastefully Simple and a Playdate.

Since Blogger went ka-pooey this post is.. O about 3 days late! Ha!

Thursday my Tastefully Simple orders came in and I had to share all my goodies!

There are 9 loaves of bread in there people!! We ate some this weekend but I still have plenty! Having a party is so so worth you time, just a little secret, I got all this for around 20 bucks! I may have to do a party every season just to keep myself stocked! Ha!

Also Thursday evening Luke and I had a play date to attend! Yay!We love seeing all our friends it really makes my day to see all our "babies" who are now preschoolers playing so good to together. The days of crying, spitting up, and bottles are past us and its amazing that I've got to see these little ones grow.

Lucas and Olivia.

We played at Olivia's aka Miranda's :) So Lucas had to round up all her cars and put them in a bucket the exact same thing he does at home. So funny.

Sweet sweet girl. Olivia used to be so shy and didn't care much for people at all, now she is so outgoing and waves and smiles to everyone!

Ethan, Lucas, and Olivia.

Gotta love the attempt to get a pictures with these three.

Playing some more....

Ashley, Miranda, and I got Chilies to go and watched American Idol while these 3 had fun.

It was so nice! I honestly can't believe how far we've come!

We had fun, its always nice to see these girls and catch up!

Then the adventure came.....

Ashley and I left Miranda's around 8:30pm it had been raining extremely hard! I mean it looked like what I would think a hurricane would look like! But we had to get home, so we started out, Ashley and I live about 45 minutes away from Miranda. We are driving along Midland following another car, it was impossible to see the road at times and I was just following the lights on the car in front; then they stopped! We wait a few minutes and drive a head of them to an intersection we then see why they stopped, the intersection looked like a lake!! Ashley gets out to see if we could go though, and we could not! She wades though the water and breaks a flip flop, lol, and says no we won't make it!

O my good ness! We turn around and head back to try and get on Rogers Ave., mind you all the way the water is rising! There were some stores and restaurants on Midland that had water to their front door! We are listing to the radio and KISR is saying "do not go on Rogers and/or Waldron, well great now what!? At this point I wanted to cry and Ethan was crying! So I call Brent he says get on the interstate and drive slow, we had already been on the road for over an hour I really just wanted to get home safe. So we get on the interstate and Ethan is hysterical at this point and he didn't have his MiMi 'binki' we pull off the interstate at the Zero St. exit to go to Wal-Mart for a mimi and it looks like a wet, flooded ghost town! No street lights, no parking lot lights at Wal-Mart and NO lights on in Wal-Mart! They are closed! Doors locked! At this point Ethan is really mad and Lucas is starting to get wimpy too. They are tired, hungry, and thirsty. We had no idea we'd be in the car this long and didn't have anything for them. Ashley gets Ethan calmed down and I give Lucas the last tiny bit of watered down sweet tea I had in my cup and we try and head home. Praying all the way!

Once we get on Highway 71 everything is looking good! We run into a few high spots but nothing impassable. The closer we get to Greenwood it is looking perfect! Wet roads but no standing water! Two hours from Miranda's house we get to my house, get the boys out and wait on James to come get Ashley and Ethan.

The boys were so hyper from being in the car all that time, they ran around like crazy for a while and James,Ashley, and Ethan left around 10:30pm!My mom had called me when she heard about the rain totals I of course didn't answer in all that so I called her back and told her we made it home. Pheew Brent, Lucas, and I head to bed at 11:30pm! Wow what a night!

Ashley's staus quote on facebook summed it up perfectly " That was a scary adventure! A 45 minute trip turned into a 2 1/2 hour trip with lots of rain, 2 blind girls, and a screaming kid! We made it home safe PTL!"

This is one of those things I will never forget and for many years I can say to Ashley "remember that time...."

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Anonymous said...

Hahaha that was defiantly a adventure but it wouldn't be the same if something crazy didn't always happen with us!!