Saturday, June 1, 2013

June 1st!

It's June 1st!
JUNE of 2013! How on earth can this be?! This year is half gone!
I turn 26 in 7 days! You knew this post was coming, didn't you? Ha!

Yesterday on my way to work I ran out of gas. I know SO stupid! I thought I could make it, I was pushing the limits and being very immature. Not using my time wisely and all that jazz. Yes a week before my 26th birthday I ran out of gas.

I can't wait to tell my kids that one!

Thank goodness for my trusty Uncle and his sidekick Drake to bail me out. I didn't get the lecture I was expecting but I guess when one is about to be 26 what can you say? I was ever so grateful I had already dropped Luke off at school because I can't imagine his questions.
The police got involved and everything. Embarrassing. For. Real.

And as I sat and waited for my Uncle and some gas I was thinking about things. At first I went to "this is so awful, why did I do this, I am so mad at myself, how could I be so stupid"
But then something hit me and I thought this isn't that bad. I have someone to call, I don't have Luke with me, I made it over the railroad tracks, it's not raining, and a nice officer stopped to put his lights on behind me so no one would hit me.
It could've been much worse and so with that I had a good laugh at myself and went on with my day.

But all this to say that age is truly just a number I am still certainly no "grown up" I act that way most of the time but I am still learning with the best of them!

Happy Birthday Week to me!!

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