Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Transformation Tuesday!

First I have to say my heart is breaking for those in Oklahoma that have lost loved ones in the storm. I just cannot imagine having kids in school and that taking place and not knowing if you would find them. Praying for everyone affected by these awful storms.


Now how do I go from that to this. I just don't know but I will try.

We have 'that' space on our kitchen counter that just gets used and abused. I hope you have one too so I'm not alone! ha! Everything gets thrown there when we come in from the garage daily. I have tried to contain it with a small caddy but it just never seemed to do the job well.

Reading a blog I got some inspiration! I remembered I had something that may do the job better!

    I remembered this organizer thingy my sister in law handed down to me a long
time ago. It's definitely not a perfect solution but it is much better! The drawers are actually useful and easy to see in and the top shelf can hold big stuff. Like my camera that I hate to put up because if I do it never gets used!

I sat a small mason jar with pens and room spray on top as well because those are everyday essentials around these parts. My books that teach me well, that I'm not ready to put up. Picture of my nephew that needs a frame and a sign with a verse that I love seeing daily, a gift from a good friend :)

     Basket with phone charger, ear buds and a place to put wallets, keys, and phones
                                         when we come in the door.

                 Ahh so much better! Now if only it would stay that way! ha!

And can I just say again how in love I am with my kitchen! Lots of hard work but my goodness she is a beauty!

Stay safe in the storms today!

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