Thursday, May 16, 2013

Thursday Tidbits!

  • It has been a busy week! With Emmy's birthday, tball, dinner with friends and a play date we have been going every night! And it won't stop for the weekend either! But it's a good kind of busy, seeing people we love :)

  •  Yesterday Emmy and momma got to go home! We are so thankful that Emmy is doing so well and eating great! What an answered prayer! I got to help pack her up to head home and that was so special for me. I am just so smitten with her.

  • And more Emmy pictures because my phone is FULL of them! ha!

  •  We had a tball game Tuesday night and in the middle of the game Lucas came over and asked if we could go to the pizza place afterward. How do you say no to that?! Brent helped coach 2nd base this week and then stayed on the field when the other team bat as well to help out and Lucas really loved that! He is a big momma's boy but when it comes to play time he is all daddy's!
  • We had such a fun dinner with some friends last night, I am SO sad I didn't remember to get a picture! Hate when that happens!

  • Hope you all have a great weekend! Ours will consist of a carnival, a BBQ, lots of baby snuggles, and some rest :)

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