Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Wordless Wednesday {Never So Wordless}

Doing everything yourself is hard. While Brent is gone, I am it. I take care of the house, the pets, the yard, the car, the kiddo, oh and lets not forget my full time job! I am blessed to have Brent home most of the time but it's times like these that I can really tap into what it must feel like to be a single parent. It's hard and scary sometimes, and I count my blessings I have family close by and good friends as well.

I do honestly enjoy all the one on one time I get with Lucas while daddy is gone. I know I won't get these days back to just soak him up and to do things that only he wants to do.
We've eaten our fair share of kidy food these past few weeks, I'll ask him what he wants for dinner and no matter what he says that's what we have! We've got to spend lots of time with friends and family we normally don't get to see during the week.

I put a funny status on facebook last night about a play/support group for ladies whose husbands are away for a period of time. It was just a funny thing I was thinking at the time but now it has me pondering..... maybe that would be nice to have. Other people who get it. Who understand what its like.

Who know why you do this. To better your family. To teach your kids that life isn't perfect but we work with what we have. To understand it isn't all bad. To know we have a unique marriage that can only come from this lifestyle.

It's interesting you see. I get a lot of negative comments when I tell people that Brent is away but what they don't see is the beauty in it. It is hard, yes, but it is also so very rewarding.

So the next time someone says to you that their spouse is out of town for a while don't react with pity, that can be the most hurtful thing.
Because in my mind it isn't the end of the world, it's just another day in mine.