Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Looog Weekend!

What a long busy weekend we had!
Friday when I got home I was greeted with this! Our new cabinet to house the microwave! Yay I was so happy to see that! Now they can come do the final measurements for the counter top this week!

That means we will have our granite soon! I am so beyond excited!

Also Friday evening Ethan got to come over and stay a while so his mom and dad could finishing  moving to their new home! The boys had a blast! They were very good, energetic but good! ha!
They even let me bribe them with a popsicle for a picture.
Totally worth it!

So precious!

Saturday we loaded up and headed to the track for the day! Brent took the car but didn't race just played around with it. It was one of the biggest nights for the track though, lots of really fast cars and tons of people once it got dark!

We stayed pretty late and got home around midnight!

Sunday we were up early Brent doing yard work and I was doing laundry and cleaning.

Lucas and Cooper watching daddy in the yard.

Luke and I went to the grocery store for our little shin dig that night!
After that we all went to town for lunch and to get paint for the kitchen.

Sunday night we had a family BBQ, I felt slightly nuts having a party in the middle of the kitchen being a complete mess but it worked! Everyone had fun and these too are just the best entertainment!

WayWay is at the age that he loves whatever Lucas is doing and well you know Luke eats that up! They laugh and play and it is heart melting!

Monday we got in full kitchen reno mode....again, puttied and sanded the walls, got ready to paint and wouldn't you know it we hated the color we picked :( 
It was not going to work with the color we have in the rest of the house so we loaded up and went to WalMart to see what we could come up with and we just went with old faithful. The same color as the rest of the house. We finally got everything painted and cleaned up and Brent even got my new over the sink light up!  

So all in all it was a great weekend! We got to see some fun people, hang out as a family and work on the kitchen, I am a blessed momma!

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