Thursday, September 13, 2012

Tidbits for Thursday!

  • Life has been kinda crazy this week with Brent being outta town some and having to get the kitchen ready for new counter tops! I had to completely remove our old back splash by myself Wednesday night, I have never had to do anything of that nature so I was nervous about messing something up but I got it done! I was SO proud of myself!
  • Our granite is being put in right now! I am so excited about it and more so about my new sink! It's under mounted and is one big basin instead of being separated, perfect for bathing babies in ;)
  • Even though Brent being away from home is hard sometimes when he tells me he missed me those little "breaks" are so worth it!
  • Luke is still having a hard time adjusting to his new teacher, I know he is ok once I leave but he holds on to my leg every morning not wanting me to leave, it breaks my heart and at the same time I don't want it to end.
  • But on a good note Luke is still doing amazingly well sleeping in his own bed! he is asleep by 9:45 almost every night, we have a really good routine down, and he is staying in his room all night long now. As sad as it was to make him transition to his own bed I know it is what is best for us. We are all sleeping so much better, Brent and I actually have time in the evenings together to watch t.v. or talk without interruption, and I knew once baby #2 was in the mix Luke would have to be in his own room to even get sleep so I knew it was what we needed.
  • Speaking of Luke sleeping, I guess though all this he has discovered his "comfort items" I had to write this down because it makes me laugh, they are George the monkey (he's been around for a while), a little stuffed Lorax that came with his new dvd (cooper is constantly trying to get this thing, it's the only toy of Luke's he is remotely interested in!), and one of his baby blankets. He will tell me when I am laying him down "I've got all my animals" ha!
  • With Halloween right around the corner I am slowly planning a Halloween party for Luke and all his little friends, Oh I can't wait to see them all dressed up! I'm thinking for games I will do "pumpkin heads" I'll get all of the kids a little pumpkin and they can stick potato head pieces in it and "picking for apples" kind of a play on bobbin of apples but less messy and gross! Instead of using your mouth to grab an apple they will just pick them up out of the water with their hands and I'll have a corresponding prize, I know seems kinda lame but I think I can get away with it at this age, well see.... mostly I think they will just have fun running around and eating candy! ha!
  • This week and next I am having a Scentsy book party so if you need any yummy fall scents let me know! I think my new absolute favorite is Apple Press so great for fall!
  • No big plans for the weekend just kitchen stuff, that excites me and exhausts me saying that! I'm so ready to have it done so I can start decorating it and cooking!
  • I guess that's all I got! Have a great weekend!

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