Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Picture Catch-up!

Luke's first long sleeve shirt of the season! Still to warm for pants and long sleeves but I can't wait for him to start wearing all his new fall clothes!

Oh these two! My goodness do they spell trouble!

Racetrack right though the living room! Daddy built that if you couldn't tell! ha!

New granite was installed last Thursday! I am so in love! I love my sink and I really love the extra 20 inches we added with the new cabinet! I'm really starting to see that this kitchen will be gorgeous and I'm afraid I won't ever want to leave.....

Red Lobster for dinner requested by Mr. Lucas! He loves shrimp and now if you ask him where he wants to go eat its either McDonald's or Red Lobster! ha!

Brent has been working a ton lately and has been away from home a lot but surprised me on Saturday night with this! YummO! I really want to go the restaurant now and try a bunch more flavors!

While daddy is away we have been trying to keep our spirits up! Fro yo does the trick!

Friday at work we got to wear jeans and a razorback shirt for spirit day! I loved getting to wear my Toms too!

Saturday morning we went and had breakfast with a special friend! Luke was SO excited to see Ronald when we got there they played and he talked to him the entire time! We stayed for an hour but left so Ronald could spend some time with other kids Luke was hogging him! ha!

They also had face painting and Lucas came up with this all on his own, a kitty with a green nose! He's so funny!

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