Thursday, September 20, 2012

10 things I love about you....

Next month is mine and Brent's 5th anniversary since we started dating! My how things of changed since then. Every year I wonder if we will still be as in love as we were then. Some days things aren't perfect and we get on each others nerves or we don't give all we should to the other. Some days run like a well oiled machine and while nothing significant happens all is good. And some days we get a glimpse of the carefree couple we once were. Brent is my everything he makes my life so good and I could never thank him enough for being a great husband and father.

Here are 10 of the many things I love about you!
  • I love that when we leave each other you always make sure we kiss goodbye, even if I am just going on a walk or running to the store.

  •  I love that no matter what my question you almost always know the answer, you are so smart and have a ton of common sense :)

  • I love that whenever I start talking about our future babies you always smile, I know you dream of them like I do.

  • I love the passion you have for life and you never let it slip you by.

  • I love that no matter what I cook you will always eat it and sometimes you even try and convince me that it was good.

  • I love that when you are gone and come back home you always tell me and Lucas that you missed us.

  • I love that you never get lost and if I am lost and call you always get me back on the right track.

  • I love your work ethic and hope all our kids inherit that!

  • I love how on the weekends you always make sure we do something fun as a family.

  • I love that you take Lucas outside to play and teach him the rules of playing sports.

  • I love that you always look so handsome no matter what you wear, how grown out your beard is or how long your hair you can pull anything off.

  • I love that you choose me everyday!

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