Tuesday, October 2, 2012


These past 7 days have been quite the rollercoaster ride and I'm not  just talking about our trip to the fair!
But we are getting by and today I am happy!

We didn't do much this weekend, we went to the fair on Friday night and it was so fun! Luke loves rides and I am getting so excited for the next 10 years of fair life! I think I'll finally have true riding partner that likes the rides like I do!

Brent is getting the kitchen completed slowly but surely with working 60+ hours doesn't give him much time to work on it but he got a good section of the backsplash up on Sunday and that made me happy!

I am so very glad it is October now if I can just find the energy to go pumpkin shopping it will make it seem like fall has hit.

Still planing a small Halloween party for Luke and friends! Hoping to get the invites out next week and some decorations bought this weekend :)

Luke will be going on another Zoo trip to Tulsa this weekend with Ethan, Olivia and their mommies! Lucas is very excited but I think I maybe more so! We'll eat lunch and stop off at the Disney store first then hit to zoo, hoping for some good chilly weather!

That's all I got, sorry for such a cut and dry post but I wanted to hit the high points before I forgot :)

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