Wednesday, October 17, 2012


I feel like I have a ton of blog posts titled "lately" ha! but it always seems so appropriate, doesn't it?
If you are a facebook friend these might be repeats....

We have been enjoying this fall weather! Love getting Lucas outside for a bit and I love the smells and sounds of autumn. He loves to ride his "gator" a puts all kinds of stuff in the back that he finds around the yard for his "work" so cute! Cooper will chase Luke in this thing for hours it's so funny!

My fur babies happy and all cleaned up with hair cuts. They really are so sweet.

I have finally put out all my Halloween decor! I can't believe how much I am slacking this year :/
(Notice the counter tops and back splash in this pic, just gorgeous!)

Lucas and I went and picked out pumpkins yesterday! We had lots of fun and came home with 5!

Loving the orange with the blue stool :)

Snagged Luke for a quick picture.

And in other big news we bought a Mustang!!
Brent has been kind of on the look out for one for a while now and he showed me this one Sunday! Went Monday and brought her home! I am excited to have a "fun" car again.

Luke is completely in love and says "I need to go for a ride in my big mustang" I think we will have so much fun with this!

It's a 2003 Mach1, Brent will be happy I knew that but more important (to me anyways) it is so nice on the inside! All leather, nice sound, and pretty roomy for a tiny car.

And the kitchen is getting so close to being finished! All the tile is up and it's beautiful! So blessed with a talented hubby :)

And I think that's it! Seems like we like to do all big things at once around here ;)

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