Thursday, October 25, 2012

Thursday Tidbits

  • I am starting to feel like my life is calming down some. After our Halloween party we have nothing on the board for weekends that I can foresee! Exited for some weekends at home and maybe a night out soon!

  • Just this week I started something new with my hair and I kind of love it! It takes about 30 minutes to do but I feel so good the rest of the day so I think it's worth it. I've been is such a slump for the past months I'm so glad to be feeling pretty again :)

  • Staying on the same subject,  I am finally wearing some outfits I've pinned on Pintrest! Here's one of them, my boots are brown and leggings are brown excuse the poor bathroom lighting. (I always feel so awkward taking pictures of myself, never know where to put my hands! ha!)

  • I am loving doing laundry with my new washer and dryer! It's way to cool, lots of lights, buttons, and bells! Ha! I sound like a 3 year old! I also think our clothes are coming out much cleaner and I can't wait to see how much lower my water bill might be!

  • This may sound really strange but since we won't need to "save" for a baby anytime soon I am thinking we should go on a big vacation next spring. Maybe fly to California and take Luke to Disney and the beach, I think he would be at the perfect age and we could have SO much fun with him while he is still our one and only :)

  • We had a dress rehearsal Tuesday night for Halloween! He makes a great T-Rex! Has the growl down and keeps saying " I can't wait to scare my friends" O goodness!

  • Yesterday we met some friends at the park! Luke and Carter had the best time. They played in the dirt and caught bugs it was so fun!

Luke and his dirty little face

SO thankful for good friends we have had a lot of fun lately :)

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