Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Is it only Tuesday.....

  • First off I just have to say my heart is literally breaking for the Turner family, it all hits so close to home and such a huge reminder that none of us are promised tomorrow. I just can't imagine.

  • On a much lighter note we went on our semi annual zoo trip with Olivia, Ethan, and their mommies on Sunday! It was so much fun! A few meltdowns happened but that is inevitable but for the most part everybody was happy and having fun! We (mommies) got some big laughs out of the day and I will never forget these memories!

  • After said zoo trip I was beyond exhausted I could not get into my jammies fast enough yesterday! We had Sonic for dinner and I pretty much stayed on the couch til time for bed! ha!

  • Brent worked on the back splash some this weekend and I am really hoping (praying) he can get all the tile done this weekend, then grouted the weekend after. I need my kitchen back for our Halloween Party! We'll be cutting it close!

  • Lucas will not decide on what he wants to be for Halloween! First it was a chicken, then it was Super Lighting McQueen (whatever that is?) then it was a convertible (I LOL at this one) and then it was an alligator and just last night it changed  to a spaceship! So we will see what he finally decides on!

  • We are really hoping to make it to a pumpkin patch and a Halloween movie this weekend! I still need to buy pumpkins for the front porch and invites for the party, I feel like I am really slacking this year! Halloween is my favorite holiday and Lucas is so into it too makes it really fun!

  • Last week Lucas and Carter were both wearing superman shirts! It was definitely worth a picture :)

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