Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Best Weekend!

We had such a good weekend! Lots going on but all very fun!

Friday Brent, his dad and Luke took the motor home and trailer to the racetrack to get a good spot for Saturday. They took the Mustang to drive back. Brent sent me this picture of Lucas "loving" on the mustang ha!

Then Friday night we went to the Greenwood football game! It was Luke's first time at a football game and he loved it! He mostly liked the marching bands and the bulldog mascot but he's been playing "football" every day since, so funny!

Saturday we got up bright and early for Touch a Truck at Chick fil a! We went and ate breakfast first then by the time we got done we were the first ones in line for the trucks, perfect way to do it!

The boys had a great time!

After that we headed home and Luke and I loaded the car for a road trip to the racetrack!
Brent was already there racing, we had a big group with us this time so that was lots of fun! Brent also did so good! He was runner up in his class, there were over 30 cars in the 7.00 class and he was 2nd place! I am so proud of him he got a trophy and $500!
The race lasted way after midnight but having the moto home makes things so nice! I can still put Lucas to bed and know he is safe.

Sunday morning we got up early and headed home, we were home by 9:30am after unloading everything we went to eat lunch and to find a new washer and dryer, our dryer was not working very good at all so it needed to be replaced and we thought might as well replace the washer too! I'm excited to have a new washer and dryer to play with ha!

Monday I took off work to go with Luke and his class to Wild Things farm, a local pumpkin patch that has a petting zoo, hayride, and other things.

All the kids from his class this year, so cute!

On the hayride!

One of his best buddies, Jocelyn.

Milking the cow.

Going down the slide!

I took the day off thinking he wouldn't want to go back to school but he surprised me and wanted to stay with his friends, so I took the opportunity to run some errands.

That afternoon we went with Ethan to see Brave, Luke had a good time playing in the play place before the movie and seemed to really like the movie, it was a very good one with a great story.

He is so fun to take to the movies right now, he just soaks up the whole experience. He makes me so proud!

I think that's it! We've got a full week this week and a busy weekend too! This time of year is so fun!

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