Friday, October 19, 2012

Guy's Weekend!

My boys have a very fun weekend in store for them!

Today they are spending the day at the racetrack, Brent went ahead and took the motor home and trailer up today to get a good spot. Luke loves it there and most importantly he loves spending time with Brent. They will have a blast! Fast cars and lots of dirt I'm sure the racetrack is Luke's equivalent to heaven! ha! Plus getting to ride back with Papaw and Daddy in the Mustang for the long road home!

Then tonight we are going to the Greenwood football game! They are playing Southside tonight, which is where Brent and I both graduated so it should be a really fun game!

Tomorrow Brent heads to the track bright and early and Lucas and I are going with Mema to Touch a Truck at Chick fil a around lunch time. We always try and make it to the annual touch a truck so much fun for little boys!

After lunch and a quick Sam's trip Luke and I are going on a road trip to the racetrack to see daddy race! We will roast marshmallows and hang around the campfire in the evening and stay in the motor home for the night!

Sunday morning we'll pack up and head home for some much needed rest :)

Then Monday I'm off work and Luke and I have a field trip with his class to a local farm that has a pumpkin patch, petting zoo, hay ride, games, and corn maze! I am SO very excited to spend the day with him and his little friends.

So much fun stuff this time of year!  

Patch the puppy from our favorite Scentsy girl Amanda!

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