Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Oh Lucas.....

Sometimes I wonder if I should rename my blog, it is much more about him than anyone else! ha!
Lucas is such a joy, such a ham and SO funny! He really feeds off of others and learns how to make them laugh. He loves to dance still. We keep thinking one day he will get to shy and stop but nope he will dance anywhere we are. He sings "shake your tail" while wiggling his booty or he'll sing "I like to move it buddy" over and over and dance himself crazy!

Lately he comes up to Brent or I and asks "can I run around" we'll say sure and he takes off runs laps around the house, so funny!

If he gets in trouble he tells us "I'm not your friend anymore" and storms off to his room.
When someone does something sweet he will say for days "so and so did this and that was so nice" most recently it's been "Ethan brought be a happy nour (happy meal, he calls it nour because he gets happy hour at sonic and happy meals mixed up) and that was so nice"

He definitely has his dad's eye for detail and if something doesn't look perfect it upsets him. He has Brent's sense of direction and we will pass by something that we've only stoped once before and he will tell us "remember we went there and ...." I know for a fact he could get himself home from school if asked which ways to go.

I can tell his days of watching "baby cartoons" are limited he's started to really like the older kid cartoons, he still watches the younger ones but I am seeing a transition for sure.

I'm seeing his love for animals blossom everyday, I know he gets that from me. Brent found him a tiny box turtle this weekend in the yard and he took very good care of him while he was visiting. Lucas said he wanted to watch t.v. so he positioned him on the table so he could see the t.v. he was also very worried that he didn't have any food in his box and kept asking if we could go to the store to get him some turtle food. Brent and Luke went out to the back yard to let him go and Lucas just couldn't do it. Next thing I know here they all come back inside he wanted to keep him a little longer.

He is growing up SO fast and I tell him everyday "you're momma's baby" just to keep him believing it. 

It is so much fun being a mommy, I am so blessed to have this little boy with me. The hard times are more than worth all the sweet times and I can't wait to have a few more just like him!

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