Tuesday, January 6, 2015

It's been a while....

To say the least I think!

We had our little Lane on April 4th. He is such a joy! He is wild like his brother and giving me a real run for my money! 

Our sweet big boy Lucas went to Kindergarten this year! I still cannot grasp the fact I have a school age kid! He is having fun and absolutely loves his new friends! 

Brent went on a 7 week work trip to Paris France in August. He went to a school to learn a new technology for his job. It was hard with him away but I learned so much about my marriage and myself and Brent had the experience of a lifetime! 

I resigned from the bank when I had Lane. It was a very tough decision and I miss my co workers so much but I am really enjoying being at home with my boys. I love taking and picking Lucas up from school. I love making dinner and seeing friends during the day. I love getting to be with Lane and see him do everything. 
I did take on a small job at First Baptist here in Greenwood. I am working in the nursery again and I love that. The kids are precious and the ladies are so sweet. 

We had a great Christmas, Brent had the whole week off from work and that was nice. 
Lucas loves Santa but Lane wasn't so happy to see him! Lol! 

I am really hoping to get back to blogging. Now that Lane in 9 months old maybe I've figured out how to get some stuff done! Ha! 
We will see.... 

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