Tuesday, March 29, 2011

O the Joys....

Of having a 2 year old!! ( a bullet post)

  • We are currently embarking on the potty training thing! He has done very well! And will tell me when he has to go, and he even stayed dry all night last night! Going #2 has proven to be a challenge though. But I am so proud of him! Daddy was a little sad when I came home with pull-ups instead of diapers! He was the same way with the binki! Too funny!

  • This morning I bumped my elbow in the fridge getting the milk out and I must have said ouch or Ooo or something he came up to me and said "What wrong Momma" So Sweet!

  • Also this morning on the way to school we were listening to the radio and sometimes I'm a bad parent and turn over to KISR to see what is playing, haha! Can't seem to give up that guilty pleasure! Anyway! No Doubt "Hey Baby" was on and Lucas started singing along "Hey Baby, Hey Baby, Hey" I almost busted up laughing but I don't want him to be embarrassed about singing so I just smiled!

  • We are currently going though some jealousy issues when we see baby Waylon or when I work in the nursery at church. Those are the times I am thinking twice about another one anytime soon! (although some days the bug truly gets me :)

  • Lucas is defiantly in the "terrible twos" almost every evening when we get home from school he has melt down after melt down! It has really started making me feel guilty again about him having to be at preschool so much :(

  • Lucas is really into daddy's racing! He is telling all his friends and teachers and anyone else who will listen " Daddy go fast"

No one could have prepared me on what an amazing experience it is to see babies and kids grow and learn! It is so neat!

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