Monday, March 7, 2011

Weekend Round-Up!

We had a fun filled weekend! LOTS going on around our house right now, here are some of the things we have been up to!

Friday evening after work I went and worked at the big Growing Kids Sale we have here in town twice a year. This was the 2nd time I've volunteered, and if you volunteer you get first pick of all the stuff! It's a pretty good deal really!

Saturday I went and picked mom up and we went to lunch and then went to Sam's to get my new iPhone they had it a little bit cheaper than AT&T did and every dollar counts to me!! I am in love with this phone I went ahead and got the iPhone 4 for the flash on the camera. All my pictures in this post are with it.

This is Lucas after our trip to Sam's or the "big Wal-Mart" as he calls it!

Sunday we went to the racetrack for Brent's first race of the season! He didn't win any rounds but he is qualifying for points this season. I am so proud of him for still pursuing his passion while working and taking care of us!
Lucas LOVES going to the racetrack! The cars have never scared him much and he doesn't even bat an eye anymore at the noise. He even takes naps while we are there! Brent's cousin said yesterday "it takes a true racer to be able to sleep at the track" Ha! Yea Lucas will defiantly be racing some I can tell.

Lucas and Daddy by the car!

Chloe got to go too! Her and Lucas are becoming inseparable it's really cute! They have really started looking out for each other!

Funny story:
I took Chloe to get groomed on Saturday and when we pulled up to the groomer I got Chloe out and left Lucas in the car ( the drop off spot isn't but maybe a foot from the door and they had the doors open so I felt that Lucas was OK) I didn't think anything of it but when I got back in the car Lucas was crying "Chloe, where's Chloe!" I kept telling him she's just getting a bath and she will be back in a little bit, I was also trying not to laugh because it was kinda funny and SO cute. I never dreamed he would be that upset! My only guess is he might think she was going where Corben is and wouldn't be coming back.
But when we picked her up he was so glad to see her! Melts my heart!


Jessica S. said...

HAHA that is SUCH a cute post and i LOVE the picture of Chloe!!!!
(great pics with that phone btw)

Katie said...

hehe Thank You!