Saturday, February 26, 2011

Big Ol' Birthday!

After the recent passing of my Mema a few weeks ago (Feb 15th) I needed a good time, I think we all did and who better to do that then Lucas!

Lucas turned 2 on Feb 25th and man did we party! He had a GREAT time and from the pictures I think everyone else did too!

The morning of his Birthday before School! He was not to happy about having his picture taken ;)

Blowing out the candles! He did so good and didn't need any help!

Pinata time!

Get the candy!! They thought this was the funnest thing! 2 year olds and candy falling from the sky- priceless!!

Present time! He loves his Mickey that Mema C. got him!

Keyboard that Papa got him! (Thanks Papa, ya meanie)

Had to sneak in a picture of Mommy's awesome decorating ;)

Eatting off the "Nerd Buffet"
Aunt "Melmo" Kristin got him a big box of nerds so he decided to share with everyone! This was so cute and someone started calling it the nerd buffet! Hilarious!

After the party inside with is new train and hat that Miranda made him!

He had the best Birthday Party! He has no idea how spoiled he is and how many people love him I truly thank God for that!


You are the joy I could never have imagined! You are so smart and so full of personality just like your daddy, which can be hard at times but I love it! You never meet a stranger and love everyone I pray that never changes. YOU are the one who has made me want to know God I will forever be grateful to you for that. You look just like me and have my chubby cheeks and I can't imagine you any other way. You are my brightest light and I hope you always know that.
I am So, So grateful to be your mommy.


Lori said...

What a FUN party!!

Anonymous said...

It was lots of fun, your letter to Lucas bout made me cry:) ~~~Liz~~~