Friday, February 4, 2011

SUYL - What do you feed your kids?

Over at Kelly's Korner she is doing Show Us Your Life Fridays and today is What do you feed your kids? I thought I'd join in so I could document what Luke is eating these days.

Lucas is getting to be a picky eater here lately which I don't really like :) but he eats more than some kids I know. His absolute favorite thing right now is peaches, he loves those little cups of peaches and eats at least one a day!

Lucas and Daddy also eat an apple together after dinner every night, he loves apples too!

Meats are something we struggle with! He will eat chicken nuggets... sometimes and he will eat a "burder"(hamburger)....sometimes we just never know. The one meat I can get him to eat all the time is his turkey lunch meat. I know probably not the best option but at least he's eating something!

And of course like his mommy he is a candy eater! I craved and ate candy the entire time I was pregnant and he loves it to this day! Chocolate candy, fruity candy, it doesn't matter we both love it! I limit our his candy intake pretty well but it was hard around the holidays and I'm expecting it will be hard with Valentines Day approaching!

(Lucas at 9 months)
Some other things he likes- yogurt, applesauce, HOMEMADE mac and cheese, rice-but not Mexican, loves milk and juice and water even, plain bread, green beans- but only if mommy makes them :), crackers, and most cookies, french fries and tater tots, ice cream, bananas, some cereals.

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