Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sunday Afternoon Daydreaming.....

I absolutely love days like today, where I have no where to go and nothing to do, just be. It is such a nice day, I've got my windows open and the breeze is amazing! I can here my wind chime! I have missed that.

We got up early like we have been doing for about a month and now to go to Church, well Brent wasn't feeling good at all and said he didn't feel like going, my first thought is "O great I hope Lucas doesn't start feeling sick!" So I decided Lucas and I would stay home too just in case, I'd hate for Lucas to take it to the nursery and get all the little ones sick! So we have just had a nice day at home.

Brent finally got to feeling good enough to go and work on the new motor home and I'm supposed to go in a few hours and help him. I want to clean up the inside and replace hardware and light fixtures! I'm pretty excited to do it, I love redoing that kind of stuff!

I've been punching numbers on our debt and I am so excited that we are paying off most of it this year! That includes cars but not house. We will only have a tiny amount come this time next year (if all goes to plan, ha!) so then next year we can start beefing up our savings! Neither Brent nor I are savers so that will be a challenge but my dream is to be able to stay at home with our next baby (I'm not pregnant, just planning for the future :) and stay home at least until all my babies are in kindergarten! Gosh saying that I cannot imagine having school age kids! I can't wait!

We have a busy springtime coming up :)
  • Tomorrow night we have a Valentines dinner at Chic-fil-a with Lucas' school!
  • Wednesday I am going to work in the church nursery ! I have NEVER worked in a daycare or nursery before! Wish me luck!
  • Friday my little nephew Waylon is coming over for the first time to stay the evening! Can't wait to see him!
  • Saturday I have my pot luck and play date! (I'm doing these once a month for a few girlfriends and their tots)
  • Sunday after Church, we will be back on the hunt for a new couch! I am so excited to be shopping for this even if it is taking forever!
  • Friday the 25th is Lucas' Birthday and Birthday Party at school and at home! He is going to be wore out!
  • Saturday the 26th Jessica and I are going to Bentonville to hear Angie Smith speak!! We are also doing a little shopping of course ;)
  • March I have the Growing Kids Sale I always consign with and volunteer for!
  • April my friend Miranda is have her very own Craft Event that I will be selling soup and crafties at!
  • No to mention the weekends I don't have anything going on I will be at the track with the boys!

Wheew! Hope I can remember all this!! But I do love this time of year!

Friday night Brent and I went on a "date" we haven't got to do that in a while! Lucas got to stay with Aunt Genia who he loves! We ended up going to eat at MarketPlace and then headed to the theater to see a movie. We were going to see the new Adam Sandler movie, we didn't even think of it being sold out!! Let me say this happened to us the last time we went to see a movie, a year ago!! So aggravating! But we ended up doing some clothes and birthday shopping for Lucas. Funny how when we are supposed to be on a date for ourselves we always end up doing something for Lucas ha!, I love that! We had a GREAT time and I am so glad we didn't go see the movie, we got to chat and shop without a fit throwing *alomst* 2 year old ;)

Hope you have a wonderful week!


Jessica S. said...

=) love this! i cant wait for our trip we are going to have SO much fun! also, our life group is going to be doing a FINANCIAL study soon! =) thought youd like that since you caught the end of the last one that other class did. Im definately excited about it!

Katie said...

I am really looking forward to the trip! O That. Is. Awesome!! I am so happy about that!!