Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Fun Snow Days!

For the past 2 days we have been snowed in the house, we as in Luke and I, Brent went ahead and went to work today. All schools have been closed so that includes Luke's preschool. I know a lot of folks hate the snow and ice but I love love love it! I am always looking for an excuse to stay home with Luke :) even if the power had gone out I would have treated it like an adventure and camped in front of the fireplace but we were lucky and didn't have any power outages in my town! Anyways here are some pictures!

Best Buds (not so sure Chloe would say so though)

I made my cat Callie come in from outside because of the weather so she finds the highest place in the house to hang out, I'm afraid to say she is terrified of Lucas!

Ethan and his mommy Ashley came over for a spur of the moment play date this afternoon, I am so glad she did I think the boys needed it!

Hope everyone had a fun and safe snow day!

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