Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Some Randoms.....

Just a few thoughts I'd like to jot down :)

  • First I just want to say I linked to the Nester for National Take a Risk Day! I'm kinda proud of my self for that! Ha! My risk of course is my new Ikea sofa! Which by the way I am STILL in love with and she stops me dead in my tracks some days!

  • I am considering a FaceBook "Spring Break" I'm truly contemplating weather FB has a genuine place in my life. So next week I am going to try and not be on FB at. ALL!

  • I am planning a baby shower for my best friend Desiree who is having baby Eviee in July. I have a lot of plans written down and will post pictures along the way! (she doesn't read my blog :( so the surprise won't be ruined, ha!)
  • Last night I was making Strawberry Shortcake and I asked Lucas if he wanted a strawberry he said "No Straw-be" the cutest thing! I will be asking him the rest of the week if he wants a strawberry so I can hear him say that!
I suppose that's all my thoughts for now! Is it Friday yet?! Ha!


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Something Nice and Pretty said...

Hi Katie, Thanks for stopping by...love your header and the couch from Ikea, our store is an hour away and I still don't get to go there:)