Monday, December 5, 2011

The {White} Sofa

Lately I feel like all I talk about on here is possessions, but with a 2 year old and a full time job its not like I am going to lavish parties or vacations and in light of trying to keep things not to personal around here all I am left with is fun stuff so that is that :)

Sunday I did the all dreaded couch washing! I was only dreading it because I had heard that once the covers were washed and dried they were really hard to get back on Oh and the fact that we wouldn't have a couch to sit on for a whole day, O the horror!!
But Sunday Brent had to work so I thought what the heck Luke and I can watch movies in bed all day, once I realized that I was ready to get going with it and so I did. 3 loads of of slipcovers, a whole morning and huge mess later I had a clean and great smelling couch again. nice.

I will tell you what I did in case you have a sofa like mine or are planning on getting one, Oh who are we kidding so I can remember how I did so I will know next year when I do this ;)
I can only get 3 of the slips in my washer at once so it took me 3 loads I did not wash the bottom corner cushion because it never gets sat on and most of the time has blankets piled there. I washed them on cold and delicate with regular laundry soap and a scoop of OxiClean. I also dried them on low for about 40 minutes and took them out while they were still damp so I could get them back on the cushions easier. They came out great! And the best part they are clean I cannot tell you how happy that makes me feel, a clean smelling grimmy free couch is priceless to me, I am in love again!

Here she is all dressed up for Christmas!

The red pillows are 2 Christmas napkins hot glued together and I stuffed one of my "everyday" pillows inside, I didn't want to have Christmas pillows to store but I wanted the look so there ya go I made both of them for $4! The red throw is Lucas' he got at his baby shower, one of my mom's friends made it for him it stays in his room during the year but is the perfect color for Christmas time!

Then there is my wal-mart poinsettias, this is my first year to have real poinsettias at Christmas. I had always thought that they were so poisonous to cats and dogs (like if my dog stiffed them they would kill over) but come to find out an animal would have to eat a ton of the leaves and neither my cat or dog are interested in eating flowers so I can have poinsettias that makes me happy too!

All this decorating is not in vain I am having my very own "Favorite Things" party this Friday! I am very excited and cannot wait to see how it goes!

That is it for now,

talk here soon!

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Jessica S. said...

love it!! looks so great!! =)) and love the live poinsettias!! very pretty!