Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Tidbits for Thursday!

  • Whoa am I really posting a tidbits post, it's been so long!

  • We have SO much going on right now it is nuts! I am trying my hardest to slow down this season but it just doesn't seem possible.

  • Lucas had his Christmas program at school Monday night and O My Word, I die of the cuteness of his little class! He did so good dancing and "playing" the guitar I was so proud :)

  • We still need to go and ride the Christmas train in town, see Santa, and go light looking the days are just going by so quick! I'm hoping to get to all that this weekend O and our Christmas pictures got to do that this weekend too!

  • Are you exhausted yet? I tell ya....

  • Friday I am having a "Favorite Things" party for some of my special girlfriends. I can't wait, I have some fun stuff planned! I will most definitely have to report back about how that goes.

  • I found these pictures that Brent took a few weekends ago, I am really loving having a good camera to capture things.

  • Our weekend trip to Branson could not come soon enough! I cannot wait to get away and really enjoy the season.

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Jessica S. said...

haha those pictures crack me up.... =) love it