Friday, December 3, 2010

The best thing since sliced bread!

"Mrs. Meyers Clean Day" cleaning products! All I can say is wow! Nestergirl has been raving about this stuff for months (and she doing it again today), so I thought I'd give it a try, she said they were available at Wal-Mart and gave us a $1 off so I thought ahh what the heck! Well of course our rinky dink stores (yes I tried 2 of them) didn't have the line yet. I was still so intrigued I went ahead and ordered online. Wal-Mart had .98 cent shipping so I went ahead and ordered the counter spray in Basil and the dish soap in Lemon Verbena. They were in the mail when I got home yesterday.
OK let me tell ya'll something THIS STUFF IS AMAZING! I cannot express to you how awesome it is! I now want all my friends to come over so I can "demonstrate" this product! I told Brent I could possible wear this stuff at perfume! Smells so nice! I will have to say I was a little skeptical about the cleaning power but no it does the job just fine! No different than all the stinky cleaners!
And Mrs. Meyers products are organic based, made from flowers and vegetables!
This is now my go to house warming gift and I hope no one gets offended if they get some of these products for Christmas! Ha!

Now the nester did share today that it will be in the laundry detergent section, so I am going to look again at our stores this weekend. If I find it I will share that too!
(so sorry for the poor pictures, still holding out for an iphone :))
Hope everyone has wonderful weekend!

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