Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A Few Life Lessons!

In the past few weeks I have learned a few life changing things and I want to jot them down so I will always remember when and how I came about knowing these life lessons.

* Never take people (or pets) for granted they can be gone before you even realize it.
* Make sure everyday you have with the people you love is used to the fullest especially your kids, you are not guaranteed forever.
* Church is not a scary place it can be quite refreshing and fun. I am so thankful we felt welcomed and loved the first day we went, that to me is priceless.
* Having a sick child is never easy! And will always be scary.
* Sometimes friends are a better asset than family.
* My husband and I will never be "perfect" but we always make it though and love each other in the end.

I have not become a better person because of these things .... yet, but I am trying and these things have been on my mind constantly.
I still miss my dear dog terribly and have had a sad demeanor about myself lately with all that has been going on I know I've got to get out of my funk but I still want to remember.

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