Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Slow Weekend

We did a whole bunch of nothing this weekend and it was fantastic!

Friday night we went to visit my new little nephew "Way Way" as Lucas calls him. They were still in the hospital so it was a short visit. I didn't take any pictures actually I didn't take very many all weekend.

Saturday we didn't do a thing! We didn't even leave the house! My friend Desiree came over to visit and catch up but that was all. I made meatloaf and mashed taters for dinner and that was it! Ha!

Sunday we got up early and went to Church!! I was so excited Brent finally said he would go! Lucas had a good time in the nursery, no tears! We went to a Sunday School class and then to the service ~ Funny Story- I rear ended a lady coming out of Wal-Mart last weekend (I know so bad of me, it was def a accident, I looked away for a second!) well after everything was worked out, she was so nice and didn't call the police or my insurance company, Brent will fix her car for her. She invited us to her Sunday School class. Mind you this was at the same Church that Jessica has been trying to get us to for months now! So I told Brent about it and he was up for it! I was so excited! We really had a great time the class was good and the service was awesome! We will defiantly be back next week!
After the service we went to lunch with Jessica and her family we had a great time! And Lucas did pretty well, taking him out to eat doesn't happen much but it was really nice!

We came home Sunday and took a nap and when we woke up it was snowing!! Yay! I love snow! Lucas did not have school yesterday either because of the snow so I stayed home with him and Brent took the day off as well. We did nothing once again took a nap and that was the highlight of the day!

All in all we had a relaxing weekend to say the least!

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