Thursday, July 12, 2012

Tidbits for Thursday!

  • These weeks are going by too fast! eeek slow down!!
  • Have I said lately how much I still love our couch! Someone had an accident on it ,and it wasn't Cooper, this weekend and I just absolutely love being able to take the covers off and really get them clean! Makes my anxiety about my house stinking go way down! ha!

  • Monday we went to the movies with Ashley and Ethan and saw The Pirates! The boys did not really like it and we left soon after we ran out of popcorn. We couldn't blame them it was pretty boring, but we went to the play area at the mall and they had a blast!

  • Last Friday Lucas got to play hokey from school and spend the whole day with daddy! He got to have lunch with "the guys" and help daddy with race car stuff.

  • We finally picked out our floor tile! We are hoping to have all the flooring changed in the house, kitchen cabinets painted, counter and back splash re-done and some paint on the upper part of the kitchen done by Christmas! Wheew wish us luck!!

  • I've still been going walking/jogging in the evenings whenever I get the chance, I really enjoy the time to myself and getting outside.

  • I call this, momma's happy place! ha! I love going to Target and any excuse I can use to get me in there I have tried! I love using their RedCard it always saves me a good chunk!

  • I re-did a window mistreatment in the boys bathroom, I like it but I still don't think it's the one...... I hate having small windows!

  • Is there anything better than sleeping babies! I wonder if I will ever tire of taking pictures while he sleeps and looks so innocent :)

I think that about sums it up! Have a great weekend!!

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