Thursday, July 19, 2012

Tidbits for Thursday

  • What a roller coaster of a week this has been! I wish I could share more but the time isn't right, soon I promise :)

  • Can you believe it I finally got to take my Christmas header picture off! We took some really cute family pictures this weekend. They were really simple and we didn't use any props and Lucas isn't even wearing pants but they turned out perfect! They really show us!

  • We went for a low key dinner this weekend at Braum's and of course we had to get ice cream! I love this picture of Lucas and Brent.

  • This is the hill I've been walking, it doesn't look like much but it gets my heart racing every time. I am sad my walking has come to an end for a few weeks but hopefully I can pick it back up!

  • We don't have many plans this weekend I will be taking it easy, we have a birthday party on Friday night and hoping to take Luke to see the new Madagascar! I think I'm more excited than him! ha!
Have a great weekend!

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