Thursday, September 19, 2013

Thursday Tidbits {no pictures edition}

  • I don't have any recent pictures because Brent did my phone update last night and put all my pictures on the computer so I wouldn't have to delete some to take others, which is how I have been living for months! Who knew a phone could only hold 3000 pictures? ha!
  • I am SO SO happy to see we have some cooler temps in sight! This weekend is going to be amazing! I am so looking forward to crunchy leaves, boots and fires! I absolutely cannot wait for Halloween this year! Love Love Love!!
  • I officially started my Christmas shopping yesterday! I found some movies Luke had been wanting online for a good deal and snatched them up! I love putting movies in his stocking.
  • Brent came home yesterday with great news! He got the promotion at work he had been working on. I am so proud of him! He works so hard for our family. 
  • We are getting soooo close to trip time! We have kinda figured out what all we are going to do while there and this weekend  I will start packing! I can't wait to take Luke to the airport and see him on a plane.
  • Lucas is really loving his class this year. His teacher is so fun and it's such a small class (8 kids) they get lots of one on one time with her.
  • I guess my years are finally starting to catch up with me, my anxiety has been through the roof lately and I am starting to understand why people take medicine for things like this. I NEVER thought I'd understand "anxiety" and "worry" but sadly I am starting to. I have to remember prayer. It helps the most.
  • Hoping for a date night tomorrow if Brent gets off work in time. I would love to go to Rolandos and to a movie :)
Have a great weekend!!

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