Tuesday, September 3, 2013


This post is going to be all over the place because that is exactly how life has been lately.

Last month on the 9th we lost Brent's mom to her long hard fought battle to Alzheimer's. Our days have not been the same since. It was an expected loss but so so devastating. I can't even put into words the deep hole we have in our family and in our hearts without her presence. And even though she wasn't herself in those last few months I think most of us are morning her as she was long ago. I am morning her as she could've been. I am heartbroken Lucas won't know her as a grandmother. It shakes me to my core to think about what Brent and his sister don't have and what Lucas will never know. I want to do a full post on her soon but heavy tears fall as I write these few sentences, I am not ready.

Brent has been working a ton right now. The week before his mom went into the hospital he broke his foot as work, which I don't think I ever wrote about. He was off work for a week with that. He was off the next week for our planned vacation to Branson which we for went to spend time with his mom. So since he has been back he's had to be out of town a lot and working long hours. It's always hard but I am thankful for the man he is and how hard he works for us.

We leave for our Florida and Disney trip in 25 days!!!! We so need this getaway and are so excited about it! The planning for it was done so long ago it's weird not to be getting things ready but in the coming weeks I know we'll start making lists and packing up! This will be Luke's first time on a plane and to Disney World of course. He has been to the beach but it was to cold and he was so little this will be like his first time there too! I can't wait to experience all this through his eyes!

On August 7th Brent and I celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary. It was not a good day this year. We spent all day at the hospital and neither of us remembered what day it was until that evening. There were no gifts this year and no dinner out alone but isn't that what being married is about being together in the hard times as well as the good. I am so blessed to get another year with Brent he is everything to me and I love him to pieces!

All that brings me to today. I am happy it's September! I am so happy fall is on it's way! And Halloween is coming! This is my absolute most favorite time of year! I woke up this morning so excited! I made some hot cocoa to drink on the way to work and Lucas pointed out some fallen leaves in our driveway, and everyday we make sure to look at the nursery on the way home to see if they have pumpkins yet. I am so grateful God blesses us with changing seasons. Where we can leave one season behind and begin a new one. And I also can't help but think about where I was in this season last year. So sad, so hurt, so angry but God's promises are always there. I am hopeful that this season will bring us blessings and happiness.

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