Thursday, September 26, 2013

Thursday Tidbits!

  • We've had lots going on this week trying to get ready to leave for a week! We've never been gone this long with Lucas AND we haven't been away from our house and animals for this long in years! Lots to get together! I'm already exhausted and haven't even got into much of the packing yet! O boy!

  • I got my new Scentsy warmer in yesterday! I am in love! So pretty for fall!
  •  I cannot believe we will be on a plane in 48 hrs and we will be at Disney World in 4 days! Seems like a dream! I can't wait to see all the fall decorations and festivities! 

  • My sweet boy on the way to school last week. His headphones (telephones) are loop sided and he has his tiny dalmatian dog in his hand for D show n tell! This age is just the absolute best!
  • I'm sure most people around me think I am weirdly obsessed with fall right now and that is mostly true. I know my poor husband is tired of hearing about fall food, decorations, stuff to do, halloween, and all that but I just feel like this in OUR season. We have been abundantly blessed this month and I am just giddy with excitement and joy. Every single day I think about where I was this time last year and it takes my breath away knowing how faithful and good God is. We have had some hard times but the good times are here today and  I am feeling more blessed than I ever have before. So to keep with my theme a another new fall candle that my hubby picked.  

  • Found this sweet owl at Hob Lob this weekend. He was the last one and I knew he would be perfect for my couch. He got "welcomed" right away when Cooper chewed his ears nearly off. How does that saying go? "We can't have anything nice"!

  • More fall goodness! LOL! Pumpkin Pie! Need I say more.... this and a good fall movie! Ahhh heaven!

  • Lucas and George Monday morning. Broke out a long sleeve shirt! WhooHoo!

  •  Tuesday night we went to the fair! Yes we are those people. We love the fair! Well I love the fair, Brent tolerates it but ends up having fun while we are there. Lucas loves it of course and had so much fun!

  • Lucas will ride anything he is tall enough for and he wants to ride things he isn't big enough for! He loves going high. He is definitely my child with this :)

  • But he did get daddy on one 'scary' ride!

  • And whats a night at the fair without some carny games. He did really good popping balloons this year!

  • Got to see sweet Emmy the other night. She is getting so big!

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