Tuesday, February 25, 2014

These Past Five Years.

Today's the day. The day Lucas turns five. I say that in present tense because he isn't really five until 6:08 pm and I am holding on to every moment.

I knew when Lucas was born I'd have a baby, a newborn and even a toddler but I honestly never thought past him being a 2 year old. Maybe that is really weird or maybe every mom is like that. I just thought he'd always be my baby. He'd always need me for his basic needs and he would always be with me. But that obviously isn't the case. He has grown and matured and while he still needs me, it's in other ways.

When I decided to have Lucas I was very young. I had no idea what would all come with having a baby. I was ready but I guess in a way no one is ever truly ready. I have probably learned more from him than he from me.

And as I sit and type this with his baby brother squirming inside me I am reminded of how fast time goes. It can be heartbreaking for a momma.
When I tell Lucas I am sad because he is getting so big he tells me "well you have a new baby now" and I think if only it were that easy.

I am very proud to be Lucas' momma. He is so kind and caring. When someone tells me how compassionate he is it hits my heart like a ton of bricks. This isn't something he has learned from his dad or I. This is something that he has within him. It's amazing. He is bright and does well in school. And he is SO funny and loves to make people laugh. He has an attitude that frustrates me sometimes and he is very hard headed. But when he knows he's made a mistake he is quick to correct it.

He loves animals still and loves his "George" monkey. He loves racing like daddy, and board games and movies. He eats way to much candy like momma. He loves water and swimming pools. He is super active yet very sweet and always wants to cuddle. He is very touchy touchy with people and I have to remind him often that not everyone likes that. ha! He loves spending time with his daddy and will do anything with him, he always has been a daddies boy. But when he's hurt or sad he usually wants me. Cooper is his best friend and they play and fight every day. He is a true joy to be around. 
I have no idea what I did to deserve him but I am forever grateful God chose me to be his momma. I can't think of anything I would have rather been doing these past five years.

Happy 5th Birthday my sweet, sweet boy.

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Desiree Brazil said...

Reading this has truly brought tears to my eyes. I almost took a selfie and sent it to you just so you knew I wasn't lying. LOL. Lucas is such a joy to everyone that knows him but his momma is the same way. I have moved TOO MANY TIMES TO COUNT but I am so happy to know that no matter where I am I will always have you as my best friend/sister and will always have that sweet little boy as well! Can't wait to see you Thursday! Happy Birthday Lucas! DD loves you!