Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Weekend and Then Some!

We had a pretty good Easter this year! Very busy but good! We got to see a whole bunch of family and that's what matters most!

The Easter Bunny came to see Lucas and he was SO excited, mostly about the suckers! He has been asking for a sucker for weeks now! Chloe is also checking out the loot :)

We hosted Easter Dinner this year for my side of the family and I had a really good time! I just love having everyone over and not having to worry about packing Lucas up and going from house to house! And I love getting to use my "pretty dishes".

I got this wicker basket/rack thingy at Pier1 a few weeks ago, I'd had my eye on it FOREVER and finally broke down and bought it so this weekend I added little tags made out of scrapbook paper and ribbon. I love it! It sits right outside Lucas' room so we can put books/toys in it!

Here is a closeup of the book part, this is probably one of my favorite pieces of furniture (if you can call it that lol) now.

Lucas and his new car collection, he plays "cars" day and night every day! It so fun to watch him! He lines them all up then puts them in a bucket and carries them to another room dumps them out and lines them up again, so funny! I'm thinking he got my organization gene; yes!

This was taken yesterday. (yes my child does own pants, I just noticed all of the pictures in this post he isn't wearing any ha!)

Also yesterday Lucas went #2 on the potty for the first time at school! I am so proud! He is learning so quick about this potty-ing (sp?) business!