Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Home Sweet Home!

I know it's Wednesday and I should be doing a "Wordless Wednesday" but I can't wait any longer to post these pictures, for more reasons than one ;)
All over the "decorating" blogs I follow the ladies are showing their houses "un-kept" you know just the way they are, without throwing stuff out of the shot or zooming in to keep stuff out, ha! I have never done either of those, wink wink.

I personally wanted to post some pics so I can look back and see how my style has changed and to look back and see the big mess or not so big mess, depending on the season of life :)

My living room most days, this is the space Brent and Lucas spend the most time in.

Un-fluffed cushions, throw pillows every where, ottoman pulled close for awesome movie watching ;), blanket, jackets, and in the left corner is "Chloe's spot that I keep covered with a pillow case, ha! But I think it looks perfect!

My kitchen.

At least there aren't any dirty dishes in the sink!

Kitchen table where we eat, play, computer, etc....

That is all for this messy home tour!

I've been wanting to change out my hutch for a while now. Let me jot down the history of this thing!

It is at least 180 years old, Brent's great,great grandfather made it for his wife out of an old boxcar. He worked on the railroad and wanted her to have something nice. Isn't that so sweet. We have all the details hand written on a piece of paper Granny wrote before she passed. I love this piece of furniture and it will always have a place in our home.

But I wanted to change up the stuff in it. I wanted to do all white dishes I have always loved white, I like to wear white and I love to decorate with it! And since seeing the Nester and Home and Harmony's blog about their homes, I feel it is ok to do white even with a 2 year old!

Anyway on with the show....

Here is the before...

Chip had to make an appearance ;)

And here is the after!

I love it so much more like this! Most of the white serving ware was my Mema's that my mom recently gave to me and I have a beautiful gravy dish,serving bowl, and platter that are very old from Mema, they have a really light floral pattern on them they are just perfect!

I will have to add pictures of those! And then a few other pieces I have picked up over the last few years, I've always loved to buy white dishes mainly because you can use them for an occasion!

This Friday evening I am having a Tastefully Simple party and I am getting excited about it! I can't wait to have some special ladies over and eat some yummy stuff! And show off my new couch!


Jessica S. said...

i love this post! i need to do one myself! =)
and today i think i love the all white cabinet stuff more and more everytime i look at it. your couch is still incredible i cant wait to see it in person on Friday night!

Katie said...

Thank you so much! That means alot coming from you! You have great decorating style ;)