Monday, April 11, 2011

Lazy Weekend!

We had a very relaxing low key weekend. Thank goodness! I have been craving to be at home! Friday night Lucas went for his very first sleepover at Mema's (My mom's) He was very excited about it! They went to my uncle's to eat dinner and he had a blast I was told. Mom said he woke up about 4 times at night but she was able to calm him down and get him back to sleep pretty easy. Brent and I went out to eat at Longhorn, we hadn't been yet. I don't think either of us were impressed with the food but they have awesome margarita's! After we ate we went home and watched "The Social Network" wow what an interesting movie! I guess I wasn't expecting it to be very good but I was really impressed! It was so nice to get to spend sometime with just Brent and I even though I was up at 8am ready to go get Lucas :) Saturday I went to pick up Luke and He and mom and I went to Hobby Lobby and lunch at Chick-fil-a, my 2 favorite places of all time! Ha! And I am so happy that Luke likes them just as much although I do fear he will grow out of loving Hob Lob :( Ha! After lunch Luke and I went home, Brent went out of town to go to the race track so Luke and I stayed in. We made a sonic run around 8:30 for tea and sprite as a treat but that was about it. Playing Horsey! This is where he took his nap Saturday, notice all the little cars in the background he played with them for hours! I think we have hit the Matchbox car stage.

Yesterday we didn't do much of anything either. We put in our "new to us" washer from Brent's parents' that I am LOVING and Brent installed our new and improved cat door! Due to the rabid skunk outbreak in our town the new one can be locked so the cats can't get out. They have been in the house most of the the time this past few weeks only going out to potty but we put a cat box in the garage so we can just let them out there with no chance of running into any other critters! I just know you wanted to know all that but seriously this has been a major issue at my house this week!

I think Callie is loving being inside and the new couch, Brent on the other hand is not loving it! He hates cat hair! But Callie and Chip were around before him :) Ha!

Last night we went to eat Mexican with Brent's parents, they enjoyed seeing Lucas. We made it home just in time for the storm to hit!

I also put on some fake nails to try and detour my nail biting! I have been biting my nails for almost 20 years! I bite them so far down they are just hideous! So my plan is to keep fake nails on for 3 weeks to hopefully help me break my habit! I'm hoping it works I am loving the way my hands and rings look with pretty nails!

Happy Monday to you all!

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Jessica S. said...

love this post. and LOVE your little fingers!