Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Weekend Round-Up!

What a busy weekend we had! I guess spring and summer brings that out :) Friday evening Desiree and I cooked up a storm for a little craft fair my good friend Miranda put on! We had baked potato soup, creamy chicken and wild rice soup, muffins, cookies, and drinks for sale at our booth on Saturday. There wasn't a huge turn out but food ALWAYS sells so we ended the day pretty good. A lot of my friends and my sister in law was there so it was a fun day! Desiree and I at our booth, aren't we cute! After the craft fair I loaded up Lucas and Chloe and we headed out to the race track where daddy was! We got there just in time for dinner and to get to bed. Sunday was race day! We had a blast! Brent won 4 rounds!! That is a big deal! I was so happy for him, he had been getting pretty discouraged. It was a beautiful day! I even got a little sunburn :) Yesterday Lucas and I stayed home. He wasn't feeling very well and I needed to catch up on lots of house chores. Brent gave him one of his racing magazines and Lucas was so thrilled he ran into his room and this is how I found him 20 minutes later! He looked at that thing all night! It is so cute how into the racing stuff he is! I've got another busy week this week. Wednesday evening I'll be in the Nursery, Thursday is bingo! And Saturday I am having a yard sale at my house!

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Jessica S. said...

whew what a busy woman you are =)